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“Complete” Fertilizers are composed of 3 major components:  Nitrogen. Phosphorus, and Potassium (or simply N-P-K). Generally, fertilizer containers will have these three elements listed right on the front label (ex. 16-4-18 or 12-4-8).  These numbers represent the percentage (by weight) of N,P, or K contained within that specific fertilizer.  These numbers are what is important when selecting the proper fertilizer for plants. Be sure to read the label before you apply any fertilizer.

What Type of Fertilizer

  • Espoma’s Holly-tone® (4-6-4) is recommended for acid loving plants such as evergreens, hollies, azaleas, dogwoods, and rhododendrons
  • Espoma’s Plant-tone® (5-3-3) is recommended for all other plantings

When to Fertilize

  • Wait at least 6-8 weeks for newly installed plants
  • Wait until spring if plants were installed in the fall
  • Established plants can be fertilized in early spring and again in the fall

So you don’t have a green thumb or the time?

Ask us how we can your keep your landscape looking its best with our “Landscape Tune-Ups”.